Kamis, 05 April 2018

Short Reflection of my Philippines Experiences

It was beautiful, sweet memories and Unforgettable one. The teachers, students, the food, the weather and especially my friends. My experiences in Philippines is more than thousand words.
I learned a lot of thing from all teachers in IBED high school. Handling the students activities inside and outside the classroom, the strategies in English study, maintaining the classroom cleanness before and after the study, and motivation in workplace as educators. Most of those things I got from my beautiful cooperating teacher.
But, none can defeat learning from your own students. Asking how they feel about the lesson, talking about their life problems, discussing about Indonesian cultures, and asking them about my first impression in teaching. It was unexpected answers and from all of those I realized there are many rooms to improve in myself. Their opinions and suggestions also give me strength in education area. Teachers and students create the unspund thread that tied beyond separation.
Furthermore, my bond with new friends in Philippines grow as strong as rift. We joke, we cry, and we love each other. They taught me local languages. They introduced me in Philippines cuisine and cultures.They showed me how the Philippino socialize each other. Their spirit and passion in English study ignited mine too. We motivate ourselves and learn together as people of God.
In short time, Philippines gave me another step forward to be a better human. A new people, a new culture, a new chemistry change my perspective. As the last word of farewell, I said "Salamat, po. Mahal kita, Philippines" (Thank you. I love you Philippines).

Jumat, 23 Februari 2018

Class Observation in NDMU-IBED high school

Excitement and nervous, both feelings haunted me along the way to the NDMU-IBED high school. The first and second week, I had observations on how teaching and learning process in Philippines. Maam Fuentes as my supervisor along Sir Zacal the dean of education college of NDMU brought me to the recipient school; NDMU-IBED high school. They introduced me to the school faculty and staffs.
I was introduced to my cooperating teacher; Mrs. Belen Diamante Misperos. She teach English in grade nine and grade ten. And I will have my practicum in grade ten only. She is very beautiful and generous. She has motherly touch and comfortness when I talked with her. She makes me feel like home. She accepted my weaknesses in English and assured me that I'm ready to be a good teacher.
On my first class observation, I sat at the back of classroom. I had learned that she liked clean and tidy room before starting the lesson. She checked the classroom floor and make sure all the students were ready to learn. Before the lesson begin, she lead the pray. She also did not forget to check the students attendance and showed her concern. Then the lesson begin as usual teaching and learning process. And for the closing of the lesson, the students also didn't forget to pray.
Another day of my observation, this time is different. The students wouldn't stay at the classroon for their lesson but they would go to the field. As maam Belen said that students will get easily bored with classroom activity only, especially with English subject. They need refreshments and new atmosphere.
The students had their practice for poetry in motion and song interpretation. They practiced eagerly and diligently beneath the acasia trees.
After the class over, mam Belen invited and treated me a meal in the Big John Cafe at the front of school. Spaghetti and fries with coke as beverages. We talked about how education system in Indonesia and Philippines. We shared our family stories and my experiences while live in different country. She helped me a lot adapting the situation in a catholic school and she gave me note book for my observation. Thank you very much mam Belen.

Practice Teaching at NDMU-IBED high school

Morning dews still lingering on the leaves. The cold breeze upon my coat, holding yellow bag map on the right, tumbler on my left and laptop bag on my shoulder. Riding on tricycle with remembrance that I bumped my head couple times on it. Arriving at school before 7.30 am. Today is the day.  I'm no longer sitting at the back, watching and writing in the class but I will become the main attention in front of the class.
The regular schedule before the class start were morning pray, national anthem of Philippines and the anthem of NDMU. That day, I teach about English Debate. St. Francis is the first section of grade X. Almost fifty students on that class with male is the dominant faction in that class. Obviously, it's difficult to pronounced the students name one by one. But I still remember Flores as the outstanding student in that class, not because his appearance but rather because his abilities to comprehend my lesson.
There were five sections that I had my practicum every day. Finished at St. Francis, there still some sections to go. St. Clare, St. Vincent, St. Scholastika, and St. Marcelin. Because I had five sections every day it means that I just need four days to comply my twenty hours requirement of sea teacher project.
I thought I prepared well for my demo teaching but still some technical issues surfaced. My laptop can't connect to the projector, so for the whole day teaching I have to borrowed my cooperating teacher's laptop or I would borrowed Michelle's laptop (another practice teacher). Fortunately, the students also helped me with their attitude and respect towards the teacher and the lesson.
The students received well on my demo teaching. They were very passionate on study. This behavior is exemplary model, especially for Indonesian students. Toward the end of my practicum, the students still curious about the Indonesian life. I wished I could stay longer and interact with them regularly.
Finally, my final demo teaching ended with some pictures together. My memory with all of you will stay forever.

Kamis, 22 Februari 2018

Philippines and Indonesia : Comparison of Lesson plan

English curriculum has been awhile implemented in Indonesia. As the outcome and the process are not satisfying yet. Recently there was couple times that the curriculum in Indonesia changed. And honestly it make confusion among the people who involved in education area.
Joining the seameo program on students teacher exchange give me a lot of opportunities to study about the education system in the other country. It is incredibly experience that I can learn and teach in different country; Philippines. I would like to compare one of element in curriculum; the lesson plan. As you know that Philippines as nation whose people master better English than Indonesia, though the English position as second language instead of foreign language like in Indonesia.
The similarities were found on goal formation, approaches, and expected teaching process. The differences were spotted on great design lesson plan, the organization of teaching process, materials and evaluation. Both of lesson plans have similar strength in their flexibility.
Finally here are my lessons plan that I used in Philippine and Indonesia.

The Lesson plan that I used in NDMU-IBED high school Philippines.

The Lesson plan that I used in SMPN 17 Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

Rabu, 21 Februari 2018

NDMU IBED high school General informations, Institutional structure and facilities

The NDMU IBED is the school where I had my practice teaching. The Notre Dame of Marbel University – Integrated Basic Education Department Campus is located in Km. 2 (Bo. 2), Brgy. Zone 2, City of Koronadal.
The general objectives of the Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED) is the formation of the whole person, the upright Christian and the patriotic and enlightened Filipino.
It strives to produce men of faith and wisdom, of courage and loyalty, of determination and self-control; in other words, men of character. It prepares the students for higher learning through the acquisition of the basic knowledge, values, attitudes and skills needed for college education.
To date, both the Elementary and Secondary programs are Accredited Level II by PAASCU.
Specifically, IBED aims to:
1. Provide the students with opportunities to develop themselves spiritually, intellectually, socially, morally, and physically;
2. Deepen devotion to Mary, love and practice the virtue of simplicity, humility and modesty as emulated by St. Marcellin Champagnat;
3. Provide opportunities for students to acquire the basic vocational and occupational knowledge and skills; thus, enhancing intelligent choices of occupation and careers;
4. Provide the students skills in thinking, speaking, writing and other communicative means of developing their ability to react intelligently to mass media and other situations;
Instill among the students desirable attitudes in understanding oneself, people, races, places and times through opportunities of living harmoniously with others, thereby promoting a keen sense of self, family, community and country; and
5. Instill among the students the value of service for people, country and God

Motto : "character, competence, and culture in harmony"

Inspired by the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, Notre Dame of Marbel University envisions to be a Catholic Marist institution of learning dedicated to the spiritual, moral and academic formation of men and women who exemplify competence and social responsibility in the service of God and humanity.

As a Catholic institution founded on Marist traditions, Notre Dame of Marbel University commits itself to:
build  character – by providing quality Christian education to the youth making them capable of being leaven for responsible Christian living.
develop competence – by promoting the principles of quality education and by generating new knowledge that fosters human development and advancement of the society.
respect culture – by inculcating the principles of cultural solidarity, by instilling appreciation and preservation of the Filipino cultural heritage, and by promoting the Marist tradition where students are progressively initiated into their life-long challenge of harmonizing faith, culture and life.

NDMU-IBED Institutional structure

Allan Sumadic, MA Principal
Ma. Fe Lucia  Palma Academic Coordinator, HS
Rona Hallarsis Academic Coordinator, ES
Leann Jester Daus-Rosali, MS Senior High School Coordinator
Prefect of Discipline:
Apolinario Nana, Jr. High School
Myra Pama Elem. School

Subject Coordinators:
Cherry Castelo, MIM Mathematics/TLE/ MAPEH
Elizabeth Rose Dominisac, MIB Science  and Science Lab in-charge
Cecilia Abella Languages
Aida Brasales Araling Panlipunan and Values Ed/Religion

Mark Dennis Rioja Student Activity
Jovelyn Narte, MA Campus Ministry
Bro. Jo-an Legaste, FMS Afternoon Shift
Ernesto Pajes Sports
Wilhelmina Tajo, MA Community Extension In-charge
Fr. Jefil Callego Chaplain
Atty. Sylvie Blanche Tandog Legal Counsel.

NDMU-IBED Facilities :

Complete Elementary
Complete High School
Elementary Building
High School Building
NDMU-IBED Gymnasium
Science Building
Soccer Field
Student's Center

NDMU General Info, Academic, Institutional and College Department

Notre Dame of Marbel University (NDMU) is a Catholic educational institution located in Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Philippines. It is run by the Marist Brothers, a Catholic religious order. It offers pre-school, elementary, high school, college and postgraduate courses. It is the first Marist university in the Philippines, and it houses the largest library in Mindanao. NDMU is the only university in Koronadal City and it has been a member of the Notre Dame Educational Association, a group of Notre Dame Schools in the Philippines under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also the Patroness of the University.

At present there are five colleges:College of Education (CED), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Business Administration (CBA), College of Engineering and Technology (CET), and the College of Health Sciences (CHS).
The college programs have the following general objectives which aim to :
1. provide students with a broad, Christian liberal education, and a professional competence in selected programs that:
include various knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become thinking and creative members of the society;
2. uphold moral formation and the development of moral values;
introduce the students to a particular field of specialization in which they can pursue in greater detail a particular area of competence suited to their capabilities and the needs of their community; and
3. include the various co-curricular and extracurricular activities that will provide the students those experiences which will enrich and deepen their appreciation of Filipino culture and heritage, and create an awareness of the country’s aspirations and search for Filipino dentity.
4. provide a Christian orientation through religious education as the core of the curriculum, and the promotion of faith through liturgical, social and apostolic activities.
commit itself to the service of the City of Koronadal and its surrounding areas in general by making educational opportunities accessible to deserving students regardless of sex, socio- economic status, religion, and ethnicity.
5. inculcate in the students the Marist spirit of evangelical simplicity and humility, respect for the dignity of labor and the great value of human person.
provide opportunities for research and mutually share resources and expertise with other sectors for advancement of knowledge.

Institutional and college department

Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS, PhD     President
Andres Magallanes, Jr., PhD    Executive Vice-President and Planning and Quality Assurance Officer
Fely Ardina, CPA, MBA Finance Officer/Comptroller

Susana Dorado, PhD Graduate School
Debie Mendoza, DM College of Business Admin.
Lynou Zacal, PhD        College of Education
Joan Palma, PhD College of Arts and Sciences
Victorino Tobias, Jr., MEP-ECE College of Engineering and Technology

Bro. Allan de Castro, FMS Director, CMRE
Myra Morta Director, Libraries and EMC
Romeo Babar, MExt. Adm. Director, CCC
Shiela Bayog, MPA Director, Research and Publication Center
Edgar Ambulo, MS Director, Computer Science Center and Network Adm.
Elma Rafil, MS Personnel Officer
Wilter Friales, PhD Director, Student Affairs and Development & Prefect of Discipline
Elaine Labiao, MA Director, Guidance and Testing Center and Coordinator, Scholarship Program
Ruel Biboso, MBA College Registrar
Petrocil Manzano, MA Campus Ministry Coordinator
Sr. Lucia Arana, OND, MBA Women Advocacy Center Coordinator
Jonathan Deocadez, MA-PE Athletics and Sports Coordinator
Al Quillope, PhD Center for Peace and Environment Coordinator
Relin Navarro, MA College Night Session Coordinator
Francis Ian Calixtro Physical Plant & Security In-charge

Jumat, 09 Februari 2018

Banjarmasin to Koronadal

January 21,2018. First step to Philippines started with rain. I walk in to Syamsudin Noor airport accompanied by small dews of the afternoon. As I'm not very fashionable enough and I don't know anything about airport fashion. I just wear slippers, long training and a varsity. But who care about that, I felt comfortable. And here we go to Soetta airport, Tangerang. 
Arrived at Soetta Airport, what a destiny that I met another student from ULM. She also join the seameo program. Her name is Hana but she like to be called Nanas (pineapple). I don't even know why hehe. Her destination is Philippines too, Cebu exactly and my destination is Koronadal. We move together to the International departure terminal. Sometimes she hit me with her trolley because I walk in front of her and she seemed in hurry. When we arrived at entrance checkpoint, I don't realize her existence anymore. What a girl.
I checked in and done with immigration. I stayed at musholla and wait for my flight. When I came out from musholla area, I saw incredible views that a lot girls screaming in crowds. Did they actually screaming at me?. What a weird mind of me. They are kpop fans who scream at their artist. It's Wanna one. They just passed by. I didn't see a single face of them.
In front of gate 4, finally I met again with Hana. What a girl. But unfortunately the officers separated us once more. She made mistakes that her aircraft not in this gate. She should move to another gate. That's the last time I saw her face. Philippines, I am coming.
22 January, 2018. I arrived at Manila at around  6am and have to transit at Iloilo for six hours before my next flight to General Santos. Arrived at General Santos Airport, it's already 5pm. I welcomed by Ms. Amy and Mr. Alan. They took me for having dinner at Jollibee before we arrived at Koronadal city around 7pm and delivered me to my dorm. Tired from the flight with no excuses.